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Shoe Love

Do you feel that temptation coming on when you see a nice lady wearing beautiful shoes, high heel of course. Something just causes you to notice her shoes and then you just can't stop yourself form looking. There is something about her shoe that is so attractive to you. Her dainty styling at her shoe fronts, the rise and steep elevation of her lovely foot, the high arch forcing up her instep and all because she is wearing such a gorgeous high heel. You stare steadfastly at her heel with wonderment, envy and desire. How high is it you ask yourself, what must she feel like wearing such a gorgeous heel. As you regard the shape of it, the slender taper, the beautiful style you are under it's spell. A spell cast by her shoes that controls you, manipulating your urge and focusing your fetish.

The Temptation

Stiletto Girl High Heels focusses your fetish on natural looking sexy shoes and tight skirts. The apparrel that nice ladies would wear to work each day simply because they wanted to look smart not knowiing that men would find such outfits attractive and highly erotic. Tghe desire would deepen with every second of the day spent watching her and looking at her shoes under her desk. The ladies would often vie with each other to see who can wear the highest heel and most attractive shoe, all to the advantage of teh fetishist, quietly taking everything in and deepening his feelinigs. This is why there are so many high heel shoes to be seen on this site, pure obsessive fetish. If you are in any way tempted, then why not join us today and enter our world of beautiful shoes on the feet of beautiful women.


Miss High Heel

Maybe this is the attractive girl in the office whose high heels were always so attractive that you were always looking at them constantly

miss heels

Mrs Sexy Heel

And what about that lovely lady in the town centre, her beautiful gorgeous high heel feeding your shoe fetish with every step.

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