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Video No 1217  Kylie

27th July

8m 10s

Kylie performs a lovingly erotic dance for you in her high heels. Her every move is accentuated by the clack of her high stiletto as you are overwhelmed with lust for her. She then walks sexually in front of you drawing you ever closer  until your passion gets loose.   WARNING  If you are  trying to restrain your  ladies shoe fetish this video will make it worse !

set 1125  Kylie

25th July

73 images

Membership at this site is not recommended if you are struggling with a ladies shoe fetish, because it is so hard to  to keep it down when you see an attractive lady wearing a lovely pair of high heels. Here, Kylie, new to our site in  her gorgeous shoes, will further weaken your will and cause you to give in to the temptation as you love her high heel.

set 1124  Magdalena

20th July

80 images

This set of pictures is called 'it's hard' because it is very hard for a man with a shoe fetish to look at a lovely lady who wears high heels without having an erotic reaction to her shoes. If you as a young man feel as though you might have a shoe fetish then think carefully before joining this site because it will make your fetish much worse than it already is !

Video No 1216  Iona

15th July

7m 18s

Your attentive gaze is fixed upon her shoes, her high heel shoes. As you lovingly admire and fancy them your fetish is on the rise, your juices hot and your pressure is up as you go rigid at her shoes. It happens every time, the feeling, and you just can't stop yourself from falling in love with her shoes. You want them, you need them badly,  your body aches for them.

set 1123  Emma

13th July

73 images

You just can't help your fetish because that's the way that you were made and the high heel shoes that some women wear  are so erotic. How can a man resist ? And for you, the fetish has been hard wired into your sexuality for so long that you will for ever worship ladies heels admiring the look and loving the beauty.

Video No 1215  Jenna

8th July

6m 51s

Once again a lady in high heels is doing it for you, you can feel it happening and you can't stop it because you have a fetish for ladies shoes. Jenna's high heel shoes will make you reach deep inside your trousers as it pulses for her, with the urge giving it those strokes of comfort that it so desperately needs as it stiffens once more at a woman in high heels

set 1122  Jenna

6th July

73 images

Jenna has the look, not just the look of a woman who wears high heels but that knowing look which says 'you are such a naughty boy for giving in to that shoe fetish yet again, I know my shoes are erotic to you but really isn't it time that you learned to control your feelings and stop looking constantly at women's shoes' !

Video No 1214  Donna

1st July

6m 36s

Every time Donna's lovely  high heel clacks on the ground it stimulates your desire, raises your pressure and focuses your fetish. Your love is for her heels and you have eyes for her shoes only. This is how it is when you have a  sexy fetish for ladies shoes. The fetish controls you and you have no power to resist the temptation, it's so lovely isn't it ?

set 1121  Sophia

29th June

79 images

Our recent updates at this site have featured ladies wearing the classic style of high heel shoe, curvy at the back with the lovely tapered high stiletto. It is seeing women in shoes like these that has caused so many men to develop a rampant high heel shoe fetish from an early age. If you have a fetish you will already know about it as you come to Sophia for loving fulfilment.

Video No 1213  Naomi

22nd June

7m 05s

As Naomi walks along the promenade she is admiring her lovely stylish high heel shoe, thinking how sexual they are with such a high 4 3/4 inch heel and sexy pointed fronts. Of course, when you see a nice lady in heels you look at them too, but you look because of your fetish, and that means that the shoes do things for you don't they ?

set 1120  Sofia

17th June

74 images

What is it about women with sexy legs who wear short skirts and high heel shoes ? Why do they do it since men always turn to look and some men find the whole thing so sexual that they get roused very quickly and then they . . . . . . !  Well you know the answer so why not get close to Sofia and let her give you that erotic feeling.

Video No 1212  Larissa

14th June

7m 12s

Having a shoe fetish for ladies shoes means that ladies who wear  sexy high heel shoes do it for you every time. Here, Larissa poses for you briefly to get your fetish up and then you find yourself following her just like you do when you get the chance to walk behind a lovely lady looking at her heels. She leads you along a narrow passageway where the sound of her gorgeous thin heel is amplified by the high stone walls.

set 1119  Larissa

11th June

71 images

Your shoe fetish causes you to regard women who regularly wear high heels as being more sexual than those who don't. It's only natural because as you stare at a lady's  shoe becoming increasingly aroused you think sexually intimate thoughts. Here Larissa is both intimate and personal for you as your shoe fetish once again rises to the occasion

Video  No 1211  Lauryn

                                                     4th June

                                                      7m  10s

When a man has a ladies shoe fetish the sight of a high heel shoe is erotic to him and does what a naked lady does for an ordinary male. This is why fetishists are so very easily turned on as they fall under the spell of a high heeled lady because of the beauty of her shoes. Come, enjoy it with Lauryn as her high heels give rise to your feelings

set 1118  Lauryn

3rd June

65 images

Lauryn knows that she turns men on and especially so when she wears high heels. It is that exquisite combination of the thin high heel, her leg and her stocking that does it for a man all the time. Here in this set she draws you right down to her feet to worship at her toe cleavage with your fetish up, feeling it and thinking lovingly of her heel of course.

Video  No 1210  Cristina

                                                     25th May

                                                      7m  54s

From an early age a young man with a shoe fetish is constantly aroused by the many styles of high heeled shoe that nice ladies wear. He quickly discovers which styles are the most erotic to him and which give him the greatest and most intense sexual feeling.  As you adore and admire Cristina's lovely shoes your fetish will be deepened in fulfilment

set 1117  Cristina

24th May

71 images

Ladies sexy shoes are a most erotic turn on for all men who have a high sex drive but especially so when the lady has nice legs. Somehow the shapely leg and lovely sexy shoe form the perfect match together which is so stimulating, so erotic and satisfying to look at and of course to feel until the fetish is so lovingly fulfilled. Come, worship at Cristina's heel.

Video  No 1209  Alison

                                                     17th May

                                                      7m  40s

As a member of this site Alison wears high heels on a more or less regular basis and members have confessed that she always arouses their most intimate feelings. Indeed in the town where she lives the clack of her high heels causes erotic stirrings in men which are relieved only by the loveliness and beauty of her gorgeous shoes.

set 1116  Alison

14th May

80 images

When a man has a ladies high heel shoes fetish he feels it naturally because every time a nice looking lady steps out in front of him in her gorgeous slim heels it gives him the urge. He wants to worship her shoes, to adore her shoes, to love her shoes and to possess her shoes. He can't help looking at her shoes and the more he looks, the stronger his urge . . . .

Video  No 1208  Sharon

                                                     9th May

                                                      7m  08s

Sharon is new to our site and loves it when men look at her and also at her shoes. She always wears high heels and is used to the attention so why not take your time and deepen your fetish by getting to know her shoes. This pair have a gorgeous style and a lovely thin heel that will titillate your imagination and your passion.

set 1115  Maria

7th May

82 images

Having a shoe fetish is so natural for a great many men and this is because the high heel shoes worn by attractive ladies are so lovely and beautiful. The gorgeous thin  stiletto always makes a man stop and look and if he has a fetish he will know about it because he will feel the sudden urge to walk along behind the lady looking at her heel, letting it give relief to his fetish..

Video  No 1207  Maria

                                                     30th April

                                                        6m  53s

Maria's shoes are beautiful vintage classics with a gorgeous high 4 1/2 inch tapered heel. These are genuine original's from the 1980s and the clack of her heel will bring back many delightful and pleasurable memories for those who remember those times when shoes like this would adorn and beautify the feet of every sexy and attractive lady.

control that fetish ! set 1114  Imelda

26th April

81 images

If you have a fetish for ladies shoes then our site will stir up your most intimate feelings and make you worship the lovely ladies and their beautiful high heel shoes.  The shoe, elegant and stylish, has a feminine sex appeal all of its own but when worn by a lady, that sexuality becomes vibrant, erotic and tempting. Can you resist ?

Video  No 1206  Sophia

                                                     22nd April


Every man with a shoe fetish knows that ladies who constantly wear high heels are erotic, sexually stimulating and a most potent turn on. Their eyes become fixed upon the lady's shoes and especially her high heel which to them is a sexually explicit object. The fetish then takes over and as so many men know, their love of ladies shoes is made deeper and more sensual.

set 1113  Magdalena

21st April

82 images

Men always look at ladies in heels and regard high heels as a must for an attractive lady to wear.  Somehow the look and the sexual effect of the heel upon the lady stimulates a man's most basic instinct making him desire her all the more. Gentlemen love Magdalena and wonder at the shape the style and the sex of her heel

set 1112  Magdalena

15th April

67 images

Magdalena here has the classic D'Orsay look. Her foot fits snugly into the lovely cleavage revealing V cut pointed shoe. Her heel, as every man will notice is a high thin tapered 6 inch stiletto, causing her foot to arch high, giving her poise, elegance and deportment. Indeed a loving expression of your shoe fetish.

Video  No 1205  Jenna

                                                     9th April

                                                       7m  55s 

In high heels Jenna is busy in her kitchen. You will follow her every move, maybe to see the top of her stocking under her tight dress as she bends over. You will also hear the clack of her lovely thin high tapered stiletto and knowing that you need to see her shoes she lets you take a good look at them and of course those lovely legs of hers !

set 1111  Jenna

6th April

76 images

Jenna has a lovely figure and very nice legs which she shows to advantage wearing  a very thin lacy stocking and a very high heel of course.  Always sexy and gorgeous, she has many admirers as  men find her so attractive and fulfilling of their fantasies about leggy high heeled ladies.

Video  No 1204  Claire

                                                     31st March

                                                       6m  50s 

There can be no explanation for your shoe fetish and the way you feel when you see a high heeled lady. It is a personal experience which causes you to be attracted by her shoe because the style does it for you. Here Claire taps her high heel most temptingly as you take a more intimate look at your pleasure.

set 1110  Emma

24th March

74 images

At this site we proudly present some of the loveliest ladies in the world who just love wearing stylish elegant high heel shoes. An exquisite and most erotic combination which is so tempting to all gentlemen who know how to appreciate and treat a nice lady. Here Emma once again adorns her good looks with a beautiful pair of classic styled high heels. 

set 1109  Emma

22nd March

76 images

Like every attractive lady Emma always looks at her best when in high heels and she has an extensive collection of shoes like this for every occasion. The height of her thin heels gives added shape and definition to her lovely legs which are made more sexy with every stiletto heeled step that she takes. Admire her and enjoy the pleasure of her beauty. 

Video  No 1203  Monica

                                                     19th March

                                                       8m  13s 

Having a ladies shoe fetish is a most promiscuous experience, fulfilled at many pairs of pretty ladies shoes. This is the reason for the many hundreds of styles that can be seen and enjoyed at this site. If you are curious about your feelings and feel that you may have a shoe fetish, perhaps you should give in to the temptation and come to us today !

set 1108  Kathryn

16th March

81 images

Like every lovely lady Kathryn loves her shoes and always chooses to wear a very high slim heel to add to her already potent sexuality. Of course men look  at her with desire because she always has that effect. You will be looking at her high heel with love and affection as if she were driving it right through your heart !

Video  No 1202  Elise and Kathryn

                                                     10th March

                                                       7m  03s 

Most men like to see ladies in heels, especially the nice sexy ones that the ladies on this site wear. For some men however their interest in ladies heels is sexual causing them to be addicted to ladies high heel shoes. The sight of two high heeled ladies together makes them  very excited  as their fetish feelings run white hot

set 1107  Jenny

9th March

77 images

Jenny is a beautiful lady who takes the utmost pride and care in her appearance. This is reflected in the shoes that she wears, always high heel, elegant and sexual. She is in every way the perfect lady, her figure and gorgeous legs perfectly complimented by her lovely shoes. Enjoy her today, she loves to be adored by men who like a lady's feet in high heels

Video  No 1201  Jenny

                                                     4th March

                                                       6m  56s 

When a man is able to appreciate a lady's high heel shoe sexually he looks at her shoe first and then looks fully at the lady noticing how attractive she is. Her hair, facial beauty, figure and her legs all matter to him and if she is as attractive as Jenny, the perfect English lady,  the fetish in him spasms, giving him feelings of intense lust and desire

set 1106  Iona

29th February

77 images

When an attractive lady walks into the room do  you check out her shoes first ? If your answer is yes then it is because you have a fetish for ladies shoes  at the very heart of your sexuality. You need  to satisfy that fetish by looking constantly at women's thin high heels. Join us now and let Iona feed your fetish in her lovely red high heel shoes .

Video  No 1200  Iona

                                                 24th February

                                                       7m  38s 

Iona has been a member of our site for many years and has been greatly admired and loved for her looks and her beauty. Naturally high heeled she pleases men by choosing shoes which will give a turn on and she adds to the feeling by constantly looking at her feet in them and admiring the heel. It is no surprise that men get sexually emotional by looking at her.

set 1105  Donna

19th February

84 images

It is well known that men who have a ladies shoe fetish need to see the high heel as they worship the beauty of the shoe  as this does it for them every time. With this in mind Donna chose to wear a very thin pale stocking with her shiny black high heel shoes knowing that this and her sultry looks would make her friends love her all the more passionately.

set 1104  Donna

17th February

72 images

Donna is one of the best loved girls at this site and has been wowing her many friends and admirers  here for many years. In a welcome return to our picture galleries she is every man's dream secretary seen here in thin brown stocking, tight skirt and of course very high stylish 5 inch heels which give added fulness and shape to her sexy legs. Love her today !

Video  No 1199  Alison

                                                 13th February

                                                       7m  38s 

Come, Alison does her make up while you admire her facial beauty and also the loveliness of her elegant stylish high heel shoes. With gorgeous legs encased in silky stocking, it's so lovely for a man to come close to a high heeled lady and worship. When it happens it does so much for you doesn't it ? What's stopping you, come, get to know Alison today.

set 1103  Alison

11th February

80 images

Alison is a beautiful lady of fetish who turns men on wherever she goes. Always wearing a good high pair of stiletto shoes she makes men look and look again as they so desire her. In this, an intimate set of pictures you spend a lot of time looking at her legs and her heels as once again you get to 'know' her shoes in the most intimate sense.

set 1102  Sofia

9th February

75 images

Sofia's long beautiful legs are shown to advantage in her high 5 inch heel shoes.  As she makes your fetish respond take your time and admire her thin sexual stiletto high and tapered. Adore her softly pointed shoe fronts, worship her steeply inclined foot as your ladies shoe love is enriched and fulfilled.

Video  No 1198  Larissa

                                                 4th February

                                                       8m  41s 

With her perfect figure, gorgeous legs and immaculate appearance Larissa causes men everywhere to look at her. This is especially so because when they see her she is always wearing high heels.  You will fall in love with her beautiful shoes in this video and  as her high heel shoes speak intimately to your latent shoe fetish she gives you  lots of time to  enjoy  them.    HD

set 1101  Lynsey

30th January

77 images

This set of pictures brings you so close in your fetish as you study the beauty of a gorgeous pair of high heel shoes which are true classic in every respect. Notice the thin high tapered heel, nice and curvy at the back and the softly pointed fronts. And of course heels like this tap on the ground, awakening every man's shoe fetish. 

Video  No 1197  Lynsey

27th January

6m 41s

If you have a sexy feeling about ladies heels, scenes like this will always bring you into a hot passion. You feel the urge to walk near to the lady to  admire and adore her shoes. As you do so it brings on your feeling as you stay close, so very close, looking at that gorgeous heel until you lose control and your fetish gets the better of you once again.    HD

set 1100  Tricia

25th January

67 images

You know how it is when you have a fetish for ladies shoes because you always have to look at the heels worn by attractive ladies. And you look because you need to because the shoes do so much for you don't they ?  In this set Tricia pleases you with another pair of her gorgeous shoes, just look at her lovely thin high tapered heel.

Video  No 1196  Tricia

20th January

6m 46s

High Heel shoes are a most beautiful item in a lady's wardrobe, attractive to men and sexually lovely to admiring shoe fetishists. Here Tricia's shoes are to be enjoyed as she first walks up to the steps titillating your love for them. Then as she ascends your fetish comes to completion in loving worship at her heel, her legs and tight skirt    HD

set 1098  Cheryl

16th January

74 images

Cheryl is one  of the sexiest ladies in heels at this site and if you have a fetish for ladies shoes, walking with her will quickly bring you into a fulness of feeling, accentuated of course by the rhythmic tapping of her lovely high heels. In her pictures here she warmly invites you to come, drool with passion over her heels until your shoe fetish is fully satisfied.

Video  No 1195  Cheryl

14th January

7m 28s

Cheryl lifts her lovely high four and a half inch heel causing it to shine in the evening light as she clacks it so sexually on the hard hard ground. A sight so sexual so seductive and so tempting for a man who just happens to have a fetish for ladies high heel shoes. Cheryl offers you the pure sexual fetish of her heel as she drives it into your heart, into your soul.     HD

set 1097  Lauryn

9th January

73 images

Men are always looking at ladies shoes but those who have a sexy fetish for them will appreciate the style, the cut, the look and of course the height and shape of the heel because this is how they get turned on in their fetish. At this site you can enjoy the company of our pretty ladies in possibly the largest collection of sexy shoes on the net.

Video  No 1194  Lauryn

8th January

7m 28s

Having a fetish causes you to compare one style of high heel shoe with another. Every man has his own personal favourite style. Lauryn's shoes here are in the modern style with the thin pencil stiletto heel. Naomi's and Maria's shoes in their recent updates are traditional classics with a high curvy tapered stiletto. Whatever takes your fancy enjoy it !    HD

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a selection of stilettos a selection of stilettos a selection of stilettos a selection of stilettos a selection of stilettos
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