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set 1199  'spike and stocking'  with Ilaria

    24th February

 85 images

Ilaria here evokes fond memories of yesteryear when every attractive woman would wear high spike heel shoes with a thin  stocking and it used to turn men on. This is why so many guy's, seeing women  always dressed like this regarded them sexually and became fetishistic in their love and attraction for high heel shoes and stockings.  Somehow it was the swish of the nylon and the tap of the stiletto which brought the sexuality to life, forming it and filling it with a desire and a lust that only the fetish could ever satisfy.  If you  share the feeling then Ilaria is your lady, she dresses to please and will give you that fullness of feeling which only comes at a lady like her.

Video No 1290   'The Toss'  with Donna

  23rd February

  8m 37s

After many requests we  are fortunate in being able to show Donna again on our site. Highly experienced and practices in high heels she has always brought much pleasure and enjoyment into the lives of guy's who have a fetish for ladies high stiletto heels.  As she moves her legs with a toss of her head the clack of her high stiletto reverberates on the hard stonework speaking personally and most intimately with your desire for ladies shoes. your ladies shoe fetish is not something that you can control because you have always felt like this so why not relax, admire her lovely pointed shoes and let the clack of her stiletto finish off that desire once more.

set 1198  'shoe love'  with Ailsa

    16th February

 83 images

You know that you love ladies shoes because you cannot deny what happens  whenever you see a nice lady wearing heels that are erotic to you.   Somehow the feeling and the desire just seems to take hold of you as her high heels seem to cast a magnetic spell over you.  This is how you know that you have a shoe fetish because whenever an attractive lady appears you take a look at her shoes first. It's natural and part of who you are. This is also why you keep coming to this site because your fetish for ladies shoes never goes away. In these pictures take a  look at Ailsa's high stiletto and love it as your fetish grows and grows !

Video No 1289   'Obsessed'  with Jocelyn

  14th February

  7m 36s

Having  ladies shoe fetish makes you become obsessed, yes totally obsessed with women's heels.  And your attraction for them is also affected by how high and how thin they are.  Most guy's will always love the classic heel as worn so very elegantly by Magdalena in picture set 1197, the classic late 1980s 4 1/2 inch heel. this style of heel was usually accompanied by that beautiful low V cut  front cleavage. By contrast and to continue feeding your stiletto shoe love Jocelyn wears a contemporary style of high heel but if you enjoy a fetish for ladies heels you will notice that the taper on her heels is different as also is the arch. All enhanced of course by the beauty of her lovely legs - get the feeling !

set 1197  'her high heel'  with Magdalena

    9th February

 86 images

As  a lover of ladies heels your fetish for them has always been kindled at the sight of a lovely lady whose heels are a compliment to her good looks. Of course you remember those early times when you simply just liked  the look of a certain lady's heels. You would look and feel  desire to touch them, to caress them and to hold them close, intimately. Then at some point in your life, your curiosity and desire suddenly blossomed into  the full blown fetish that you enjoy  today. Other people don't get it, they never will, so you keep your fetish to yourself, locked away in the private recesses of your mind until the next stiletto girl spikes it all off again filling you with rampant and insatiable desire.

Video No 1288  'lovely  leg sexy heel'  with Sonia

  3rd February

  7m 48s

Most of the ladies here at stiletto girl are not professional models. They are just ordinary attractive ladies with nice legs who wear high heels every day. Ladies like this are more likely to get men excited because so many of them wear their their favourite high heel shoes just to bring pleasure to you lucky lot.  Men who have a ladies shoe fetish all have their favourite ladies who unknowingly wear such lovely stylish high heels that men look at them and get a lovely feeling just from looking. the fetish means that the high heel shoe is as erotic to them as the lovely lady who wears them - no wonder shoe fetish is so sexual !

set 1196  'lovely thin heel'  with Sara

    31st January

 70 images

As has been said on many occasions stiletto girl is not just a site for those who are easily satisfied with anything a lady puts on her feet as long as it has a heel of some kind. It is a site of indulgent ladies high heel shoe fetish for men who love heels sexually and appreciate them with the fondness and affection that they deserve.  Here Sara, one of our most admired girls, wears a very thin heel with a stylish strap, equally thin across her dainty toe cleavage. Keep looking at her shoes and those of her many attractive friends also, for every week stiletto girl deepens  your secret fetishistic love of ladies heels so why not join today and indulge your  most secret desire.

Video No 1287  'red heat'  with Larissa

  27th January

  8m 28s

It is said that the shoe fetish is bigger than all other fetishes put together. This is not surprising since the high heel shoe, beautiful so elegant  erotic and sexual is the very quintessence of femininity. They are worn on a regular basis by only the most attractive and sexually desirable ladies who take great care to project  and express their   sexuality through their shoes.  Such ladies always wear a very thin sole and a very high heel to arch their feet to the maximum knowing that this makes them walk sexually. with their bust jutting forward and their hips swaying from side to side, accompanied by the clack of the high stiletto. Men are captivated and drawn into a fetish beyond their control.

  set 1195  'miss heel'  with  Claire

    24th January

 84 images

There are some ladies who do it for you because every time you see them they are in heels, and not just any heels but the sort that are erotic to you.  It is as if they know what to do to turn you on and it works every time because you find yourself looking, looking at her shoes and feeling it, that stirring, that throbbing that is the expression of your fetish. Claire is a girl who has that look which says 'I wear high heels' and be sure she does. Her stiletto is always so thin  high  and tempting that men just can't take their eyes away.  Come, admire and get to know her shoes in the comfort of her own home.


 Video No 1286  'stimulation'  with Kathryn

  22nd January

  7m 40s

Every shoe fetishist knows that it is only the prettiest and most attractive ladies who wear high heels on a regular basis. This is because the high heel is a visible and outward sign of her own sexuality and of her highly sexed nature.  The high heel induces many feelings in men, all of them sexual and in men with a ladies shoe fetish it becomes an insatiable desire. Here Kathryn  she wears a gorgeous high heel shoe, with a thin tapered stiletto that will feed your shoe fetish, hardening it until it becomes fully rampant  and desperate for fulfilment.  Come to Kathryn in the glowing passion of your fetish lust, she needs your admiration.


                                                       set 1194  'white hot'  with  Penny

                                                                         17th January

                                                                            80 images

Penny is one of our newer girls having joined us only two years ago. As with our other girls she was chosen because she always wears high heels and it is true to say that she has no flat shoes in her wardrobe ! However she knows only too well that for so many men the sex of their ladies shoe fetish is greatly enhanced and impassioned when the high heel lady of their fancy wears nothing on her legs and you will notice that all Penny's photos and videos show her high heeled and bare legged.  In these cold winter months take a little time to enjoy Penny, getting to know her legs and of course her white hot 6 inch heel shoes


                                 Video No 1285   'Your personal fetish'  with Maria

                                                                           11th January

                                                                                8m 28s

Your ladies shoe fetish has just been aroused by a lovely lady wearing gorgeous high heel shoes that just do it for you. The reaction that you get is instant, you can't help it, this is how you have always known about your fetish it always springs into life whenever you are near a lady in heels whose heels are erotic to you.  At this site you see and hear so many high heeled ladies that your fetish is deepened and made ever more obsessive. Your thoughts and your emotions will always be ladies heels and yet more ladies heels.  As Maria's shoes flirt with your fetish notice her tapered high heels with such a thin tip. Look also into her pointed fronts and her leather soles as she seduces you into walking behind her in her short tight skirt - so tempting !


                                                set 1193  'seductively yours'  with Sarah

                                                                         8th January

                                                                            82 images

This site is dedicated to guys who have a loving affection for ladies heels .A  fetish in other words because the  ladies shoe love is hard wired into your sexuality.  Amongst other things it makes you look at and regard women according to the shoes they wear.  The lovely lady who regularly wears high heels for her own pleasure, knowing that they are sexy is much more attractive to you than the woman who puts on heels only for a night out. But then this occasional high heel wearer is much better than the many who  wont wear heels. So come, join us today and enjoy the largest array of 'sexy shoes' to be found anywhere on the net !

                                     Video No 1284  'Tap Tap Tap'  with Debra and Imelda

                                                                         30th December

                                                                                7m 19s

Every ladies shoe fetishist knows how important it is when he can hear the tap of the lady's high heel.  Unfortunately nowadays most heels have soft tips but guys who are lucky enough to have been around in the 1980s or even earlier will fondly remember that gorgeous tap tap sound of the high stiletto as the sexy lady tottered along in front of him.  The look and style of the shoe did things for him but the sound also, spoke so intimately with his shoe fetish. It was enough to completely finish him off. The sensation is lovingly recreated here as the ladies wear their lovely white and pale high heels. Love the sound, love the shoes, love the fetish.

                                                         set 1192  'looking'  with Jenna

                                                                      27th December

                                                                             83 images

With her sultry and seductive look Jenna once again invites you into her apartment for another session of looking at her shoes, yes, looking at her shoes. You know that you have this 'thing' about women's shoes and that you have never been able to stop looking at them.  Especially shoes like Jenna likes to wear.  Look at her lovely thin high stiletto, admire it, worship it, in your mind you  fondle it, you kiss it as it brings you warmth and feeling on a cold winter evening.  Look at her legs and how the high heel brings them fullness and shape. Love your fetish, Love ladies shoes.

Video No 1283  'Obsession'  with  Alison

Christmas Eve

8m 36s

Alison admires her lovely stylish high heel shoes. She is one of our most beautiful leggy ladies and just the sort that you would expect to wear high heels.  Her legs are gorgeous, beautiful and have that sexy shape that does it for every shoe fetishist.  In this show our camera girl brings you up nice and close so that while Alison tends to her hair and make up you can enjoy her legs and her high heel shoes.  So, > stop thinking about it and let Alison bring some warmth and high heel comfort into your life this Christmas.

set 1191  'those high heels again'  with Kylie

22nd December

82 images

Once again Kylie shows what a high heeled lady can do for a man. High heels for her are essential and so important that in choosing an outfit she starts first with the shoes. First, she looks at the heel height which she will wear for the day for this is so important and then of course the style of the shoe, the height of the arch and cut of the leather. The result as always is pure perfection for her legs are always gorgeously shaped and toned by her heels. All that is now needed is a shoe fetishist like you to worship and adore her. Enjoy the feeling !

Video No 1282  'living with your fetish'  with  Naomi

15th  December

7m 17s

Every shoe fetishist has lived with the ups and downs of being attracted to ladies shoes. The ups can often  be climactic when it all happens with his  gaze fixed on the lady's lovely slender high heel as the feeling just pulses over and over again. Then there are those times, when highly aroused,  the opportunity just isn't there for the release of the fetish. At this site however you  remain on a high as every week a new girl in a new pair of high heels will tempt and satisfy your feelings as often as you need it.  In your fetish why not look at Naomi's shoes and compare her style with our other ladies. So many shoes, a wonderland for your ladies shoe fetish.

set 1151  'her heels, her look'  with Anya

12th December

74 images

Anya is the latest high heeled lady to join us at stiletto girl. Stunning and very attractive, she comes from a country where pretty ladies always wear high heels. In fact  every lady wears high heels and as a result there is so much tottering as the sound of a lady's high stiletto can be heard everywhere.  It is a most pleasurable experience for shoe fetishists who find that it makes their shoe fetish ever more sexual. Anya also has that high heeled look, it is in her eyes and it says 'I wear high heels' and here in this her debut gallery her heels are 6 inches tall.  Enjoy her !

Video No 1281  'in fancy shoes'  with  Joleen

7th  December

7m 42s

In contrast to Iona last week, Joleen is one of our newer ladies having joined us as recently as September.  there, she was wearing a very thin tapered high heel classic shoe but here she has chosen a pair of her luxury label shoes, very expensive, to give you a different experience in your fetish for ladies shoes. Notice that the taper on her heels here is different , more modern but just as attractive to any man who has a love of ladies heels .  And of course these are adorned with a beautiful bow which when combined with a lovely high heel, represent the very quintessence of femininity.

set 1190  'stiletto legs'  with Jenny

5th December

75 images

Stiletto legs means a lady with nice legs. Legs with that perfect and beauteous shape around her ankles and calves which become so accentuated when she wears high heels.   Indeed there are few other sites around on which all the ladies have nice legs and in Jenny's case the reason for her stiletto legs is simple, it is her constant wearing of high heel shoes. For by keeping her feet in high heels her legs are toned as her feet arch high over her thin stiletto.  In her view high heels are essential for good posture but of course, if you have a ladies shoe fetish her heels will do something else . . . . .  !

Video No 1280  'stylish and sexy'  with  Iona

1st  December

7m 11s

Iona first joined our site way back in December 2009 and has been wowing you lucky guys with her extensive wardrobe of high heel shoes. Indeed she has a shoe for each and every occasion, very high heels, thin heels, tapered heels, shapely heels, pencil heels, she has everything. Her shoe collection is a fetishists dream for shoe knows how they shape her legs and give her that high heeled look that always gets a man standing to attention ! Her bow shoes here are favourites of hers and as usual, she lets you have a good look at them as well as her shapely high heel legs.

set 1189  'stiletto girl'  with Laura

30th November

72 images

Congratulations ! you have found us at the finest ladies shoe site on the web. Congratulations also to our lovely Laura for making her debut here and also for being the 100th pretty lady to wear high heels here for you lucky lot. Laura is ever so attractive and has an adorable personality to match. Love her,  love her look and love her shoes. What more can one ask, a classic and charming  English beauty who wears high heels.  Join today and enjoy Laura and 99 other pretty girls, all in heels  at  stiletto girl,the worlds favourite high heel site.

Video No 1278  'sexy shoes'  with  Monica

24th  November

7m 01s

You are on this page because you are attracted by ladies shoes, ladies high heel shoes. You love to look at them and the beautiful ladies that wear them. You find yourself thinking about high heels constantly and you look at every attractive lady to see if she is wearing heels.  At this site you can enjoy a gorgeous array of lovely ladies wearing high heels to your hearts content or should we say till your fetish is fully satisfied, but then a shoe fetish is never satisfied because a genuine ladies shoe fetishist always needs more ! !

set 1188  'focus your fetish'  with Debra

22nd November

76 images

High Heeled Debra has been worshipped and admired by our members for many years and indeed she has one of the finest collections of sexy high heel shoes that can be found in a lady's wardrobe. If you are only just discovering that you have a fetish for ladies shoes or maybe realising that you are getting feelings whenever women in heels are nearby you should visit her special section because looking at her shoes will probably confirm your feelings about ladies heels and your life will be enriched in ladies shoe fetish  pure shoe lust

Video No 1277  'love heart'  with  Ilaria

20th  November

7m 52s

Ilaria's high heel shoes are so beautifully stylish and feminine and they will of course make your ladies shoe fetish respond in the only way possible. When women wear shoes like these it raises men's hormones and stimulates their sexuality into pure white hot lust.  As you admire and adore Ilaria's heels why not compare her shoes with Cheryl's and enjoy the high heel feeling. your shoe fetish will stay with you always, you will never stop looking at women's heels and you will always need them to satisfy your lust.

set 1187 'her heel, her leg' with Lauryn

16th November

75 images

Often, when you see a nice lady wearing high heels, you look not just at her heel but her leg also. This is because shoe fetish is very closely tied with the leg fetish. Men who have a 'thing' about ladies legs like them to be in high heels and men with a ladies shoe fetish always pay attention to her legs also.  In so many ways, the shape of a lady's leg emphasises the height and shape of her heel. This is certainly the case with Lauryn. The fullness and shape of her legs has done it for so many of our  members over and over again

Video No 1276  'at her heel'  with  Cheryl

9th  November

7m 41s

Cheryl loves heels and is never out of them in fact. She just loves the feeling of her feet in a good high stiletto and in this video when her high heel shoe slips off slightly she skilfully puts her foot right back deep inside as she taps the thin heel on the hard ground.  And of course you will have noticed how she walks tapping and scraping her heel in her perfect rhythm.  She looks beautiful, her walk is beautiful and she wears beautiful shoes, your fetish ?

set 1186 'gorgeous' with Mella

3rd November

77 images

This site has been dedicated to all gentlemen who appreciate pretty ladies who have nice legs and who always wear high heels. Mella is a gorgeous lady and the latest to join us with her stylish dress sense and lovely shoes. Her natural beauty and lovely long legs  will of course bring some winter warmth into your life. Look at her, look at her shoes and compare her style with Jackie's high stiletto. At stilettogirl you will always enjoy the most attractive ladies in the largest array of sexy high heels anywhere on the net.

Video No 1275  'for your fetish'  with  Jackie

1st  November

8m 05s

Jackie has been a stiletto girl for many years and gives you the chance to show your appreciation for yet another pair of high heel shoes.  This lovely pair have been hers for nearly 30 years and with her lovely legs to show off the very best in the vintage styling she suggests that you take time to appreciate the difference between these and the more modern high heel. Notice here the narrow pointed fronts and the thin tapered high heel. No square or rounded fronts here or pencil heels, just that timeless classic look, enjoy it with her.

set 1185 'shoe lover' with Emma

26th October

76 images

You realised that you had a ladies shoes fetish a long time ago. It just seemed to happen that you felt it react every time you were near a high heeled lady.  And as you looked at her shoes they gave you the urge, especially if her heels were very high and thin also. You sop loved the way ladies walked in their heels balancing on the tip of that thin stiletto and the sound of the clack of her heel just finished it all off for you. So it made you become a lover of ladies shoes and now you just can't do without it.

Video No 1272  'knowing her heels'  with  Sara

20th October

7m 58s

Sara has been a member of this site since 2009 and there are only a few ladies who know how to wear a good high stiletto as sexually as she does. It is her beautiful combination of pretty looks, lovely legs and of course the way she taps her high heel so temptingly that does it for men all the time. So if you are living with that uncontrollable fetish for ladies shoes that brings on the feeling every time you see a lady like Sara, why not renew your fetish with her as you get to know her heels.

set 1170 'sex of fetish' with Claire

19th October

71 images

If you are a true gentleman who just happens to have a fetish for ladies heels you will know the feelings that you get when you are looking a lady all dressed up in her high heels. And the feelings get so intense that they take control of your senses and your actions making you into a slave to her heels. You can't help it because ladies heels are something that you constantly need and need so badly, that you will do anything to satisfy and fulfil that fetish. Maybe this week Claire will do it for you as you look hard at her shoes.

Video No 1270  'love her heels'  with  Sarah

14th October

8m 14s

Sarah is new to our site and here she makes her video debut wearing a gorgeous pair of high heel shoes and matching top on a summer's day. Her high heels are by Sacha and are in that classic style so loved of men back in the 1980s. This was an era when the clack of the high stiletto was heard every day in every town and city because sexy ladies wore their high heels all the time. Shoe fetishists everywhere were captivated by the sight and sound of such beautiful shoes which gave them the glorious feeling and ultimate sensation.

set 1184 'secretary girl' with Keri

13th October

72 images

When a guy has a ladies shoe fetish it means that he has become addicted to the shoes. The look, the style, the high heel, in fact everything about it does things for him. Because of this, the fetishist needs to be constantly looking at ladies heels and constantly watching ladies wear high heels so that his thought, his  sight and his mind are always filled with images of ladies heels. If you are honest about your own ladies shoe fetish you need to join us at this site so that you not only think about you passion for ladies heels but you live it also !

set 1183 'so innocent' with Toni

5th October

79 images

Having a ladies shoe fetish is a perfectly normal expression of a  guy's sexuality.  The high heel shoes are so stylish, so feminine and so tempting that they become hard to resist.   One man described his ladies shoe fetish as a mixture of 'pleasure and torment' such were the highs and the lows of living with his love of ladies heels. This is why you need to join us at this site surround yourself with beautiful ladies in the loveliest shoes in the world, join us today !

control yourself ! Video No 1269  'shoe lust'  with  Sophia

4th October

7m 49s

Your love for ladies shoes is a passionate love affair expressed in waves of uncontrollable lust followed by the most intense pleasure. Maybe it is the classic style of shoe that does it for you with their more  pointed fronts and tapered high heels. Alternatively your fetish may have developed within you more recently so your fancy may be for slim heel shoes with rounded or squared fronts.  Whatever your love, our ladies are here in the most  beautiful  heels for your exquisite pleasure.

set 1182 'stress therapy' with Ailsa

29th September

72 images

If you have a highly sexed fetish for ladies shoes you will know how it feels when you see a nice lady in a pair of heels that are erotic to you.  Somehow her shoe does things for you and you can't stop looking. You keep staring at her lovely heel, admiring it, adoring it, wishing you were close to it. Her high arch, her  low cleavage at the fronts just begging for your loving kiss and all the time your pressure rises and  it keeps rising.  What you need is sympathetic, understanding sex therapy for your fetish. the only way to release your pressure.

Video No 1268  'my sexy heel'  with  Caz

23rd September

7m 36s

After watching Kylie's video last week Caz gives you a different feeling in your fetishistic love for ladies heels. As each guy who has a ladies shoe fetish is only too aware, heels not only look different in height, shape, the taper and the thickness, but the feeling is different also. Some men are attracted by a high heel even if it's a fairly thick one, it's just the thought and sight of  the lady wearing it that does it for them. For some however the heel musty be thin. Compare, for instance Alison's classic heel with this pair so loved by Caz.

set 1181 'colour of fetish' with Alison

21st September

85 images

Alison is a lovely lady with the perfect legs for wearing high heels. with her eye for fashion, high heel shoes are an essential part of her wardrobe causing guys of all ages to look and desire her.  Those who are younger fancy her as a lady they would love to give themselves to, while those older than her dream of a date with her as a lovely attractive lady. All because she is never out of her high heels and here you can enjoy a pair of  hers that you will not have seen before. May they stimulate your imagination and titillate your ladies shoe fetish.

Video No 1267  'your secret fetish'  with  Kylie

14th September

7m 22s

You enjoy Kylie's legs, her figure and of course her heels, because that's why you're here isn't it ?  Her shoes are the classic style, very narrow and of course with a good high stiletto to make you feel it.  Membership at this site helps to keep you firmly locked in a world of ladies shoes where you think about high heels, dream about them and worship the lovely ladies that wear them.  And it is those ladies who wear high heels all the time that are most erotic for you, welcome to stiletto girl !

set 1180 'so pretty'  with Joleen

14th September

75 images

Jo is very pretty, has a lovely figure and legs to die for.  Every gentleman will at some time dream of a high heeled lady like her and maybe she will remind you of those times when you first discovered that you had a 'thing' about women's heels. Those times when you couldn't stop looking whenever a high heeled lady was near. It made you feel good, really good and all the ladies who wore high heels were always so pretty. Why not give in to that temptation and get to know Jo. If you adore ladies legs and have a fetish for high heels, you'll love her !

Video No 1266  'feed that fetish'  with  Jenna

8th September

7m 42s

if you are one of the many guy's who has a fetish for ladies high heel shoes you will have known about it for a long time.  First that feeling whenever a high heeled woman came anywhere near. Then the feeling would grow with the quickening of your pulse and shortness of breath. then as something else started to happen you would go weak at the knees looking at her shoes and hearing the clack of her high stiletto. Why not re live your early experiences with Jenna and take your time, she does !

set 1179 'loving fetish' with Suzy

7th September

70 images

Suzy makes her loving high heel debut at stiletto girl in her  most gorgeous 5 inch heel shoes. she knows of course that seeing her like this will tempt you, arousing your ladies shoe fetish stimulating that desire to worship every lovely lady who wears high heels. It is a lovely experience when you give yourself in your fetish for ladies heels because the stylish beauty of the slender heel shoe is all surpassing. Enjoy her and love the feeling !

Video No 1265  'focus your fetish'  with  Lauryn

31st August

7m 43s

if you have a full fetish for ladies shoes you will no doubt have been aware of it since your adolescence or maybe even earlier. You will also have noticed how it makes you look constantly at women's high heels. You notice the style and the shape of them and membership of this site helps you as you feed your fetish in this way. Look at Lauryn's shoes, a lovely modern style and compare them with Penny's heels or Jenny's last week. Your fetish will surely be rising as your shoe love is fulfilled at he gorgeous heel. 

set 1178 'pointing the heel' with  Penny

25th August

82 images

You may be familiar with the expression 'pointing the finger' well this set of pictures by Penny is about 'pointing the heel' and you can see why.  Looking at Penny's heel as she points it suggestively, tempts you in the most sensitive part of your body. Her stiletto makes it  stiffen up in the love of your beautiful ladies high heel shoe fetish.  Penny completes your pleasure in her lovely bare legs tightly ensconced in those lovely thin high patent stiletto shoes. Why not forget your inhibitions and get to know her now.

Video No 1264  'loving fetish'  with  Jenny

21st August

6m 26s

Jenny has been with us since 2013 so you will already know that she has the most lovely sexy  legs and that her looks and her figure are an instant turn on for every warm bloodied male. In high heels she is stunning and stimulating beyond measure and her with her lovely  creamy white stiletto, high and so sexually tempting, she releases the full pleasure of your ladies shoe fetish. May she focus and deepen your love, your uncontrollable fetishistic attraction for ladies shoes.  x x x  love heel  xxx

set 1177 'admiring her heel' with  Ilaria

19th August

73 images

You may not be a man who regards yourself as having a ladies shoe fetish, you may simply enjoy the look of a lady with her feet in her heels. After all the look is so gorgeous that you can't stop looking because you are admiring the beauty of her heel. How can she war such gorgeous shoe, what must it be like to have sex with her knowing that she wears shoes like this.  Ilaria feels that a good high stiletto is essential for her sexuality and as you admire this pair your feelings may soon rise and harden into a fetish.

Video No 1263  'finish it off'  with  Davina

11th August

7m 44s

As a guy with a ladies shoe fetish, you are constantly looking at women's heels and noticing the styling of their shoes. This is why you have come to this site isn't it ?there is just that something in you that stirs every time you encounter a high heeled lady. It is your fetish that is making you like this and fetish is pure lust. The feeling however is love, high stiletto heel love. Davina is one of the most beautiful girls here at stiletto girl, pretty and  with the perfect legs and figure for high heels.  As you get closer in this video you will see how gorgeous her 5 inch heel shoes are with the sunlight of your fetish reflected in the shiny patent leather.


set 1176  'so innocent'  with Larissa

10th August

81 images

When you have a fully developed fetish for ladies heels seeing sights like this does things for you doesn't it ? that familiar stirring from deep within you that reminds you once again of your sexually stimulating attraction for ladies heels. You can' t help it because something has caused you to be obsessed with ladies high heels, to be so turned on by them. It's a fetish, your own personal fetish for ladies shoes. so when a leggy lady like Larissa gives you yet another urge, it all feels so natural doesn't it ? Just look at that heel.

Video No 1262  'fetish stimulate'  with  Shelley

4th August

7m 42s

This site is for shoe fetishists, men who appreciate a lady's high heel and not just from a fashion point of view !  Shelley taps her lovely thin high heel repeatedly on the hardness of the ground and in your fetish for ladies shoes your body reacts in the only way possible. The ground is already hard under her heel and for you the response is automatic and totally involuntary, you can't help it, her heel is so lovely and just looking at it makes you feel lovely too. You need it closely, intimately.

set 1175  'love at my heels'  with Donna

3rd August

89 images

Donna has been a member of our site since the autumn of 2006 when she showed off her latest pair of black patent high heel shoes. Men have always loved her because she not only wears shoes that turn them on but adds those little extra touches especially in her many videos like scraping her heel so lightly that it gives an extra tap on the ground and letting men look constantly at the height, the shape and the taper of her heel. She knows what it does for the fetish and that once a man is hooked on high heels then he is hooked for life !

Video No 1261  'Only looking'  with  Kathryn

28th July

5m 59s

Once again Kathryn is your sexy seductive temptress in her high heels. Her shoes are the ultimate expression of her femininity and this is why her heels are always so high.  It is not her fault that so many men go weak at the knees when they see her and those with a shoe fetish get so hot, throbbing with passion for her, and no wonder because she always wears such a  high stiletto, the perfect fetish heel.

set 1174  'your love your fetish'  with Jackie

27th July

69 images

All men know tat the thinner the lady's heel and the higher it goes, the greater is it's sex appeal. It also greatly enhances the sexual appeal of the lady wearing it and it is a fact that the ladies who wear high heels regularly and for their own sake area always those ladies with a high sex drive and who are acutely aware of their own sex appeal. So it is with Jackie who always wears a very high heel and she does so because this is one of the many ways in which she turns men on. Look at her shoes, such shiny patent leather, such thin high heels and notice the delicate low cut at the fronts - so sexual.

Video No 1260  'simply gorgeous'  with  Naomi

22nd July

9m 53s

You're out one day minding your own business when you see from afar off that lovely girl all dressed nicely in her shiny high heels. As you come closer you are going weak and wobbly at the knees because of  her shoes which are even lovelier than you had imagined.  As your pressure builds up you can't explain why you are like this and other guys aren't.  It just seems to take over. It's just such a lovely feeling and you wouldn't have it any other way.

set 1173  'so absolutely lovely'  with Iona

19th July

85 images

If you have a true fetish for ladies heels, her shoes will be the first thing that you notice when looking at an attractive woman.  The height of her heels being of the most importance.  Iona came to this site with an excessively large collection of shoes, the majority of which were very high heels. It has since been her pleasure ( and yours) to wear them for you at this site and over the years men have commented on how balancing on the tip of such slender high heels has shaped and toned her legs  and caused them to notice her ankles and feet also - love her and love your fetish

Video No 1259  'ladies heel admiration'  with  Keri

14th July

7m 17s

A guy who has a full fetish for ladies shoes, ladies high heel shoes will be thinking constantly about them. Always on the lookout for that pretty lady whose high heels are so erotic in his sight. As he feels it he knows that it is her heel that so does it for him because he can feel it. And there are so many styles of heel that are so erotic in his sight. Of course there is no point in trying to restrain or control the fetish. The high heel does it  for him every time. Fetish is lovely isn't it ?

set 1172  'more temptation'  with Maria

14th July

84 images

Her high heels were the first thing that he noticed. As the new girl stepped into his office the gentleman couldn't take his eyes away. She looked down a couple of times at her feet to see if there was anything wrong because his stare was so intent but she didn't really get it. Her boss had a ladies shoe fetish so strong that he now couldn't get up out of his seat without it showing. He asked her politely to return at a later time so that it could subside, but it didn't because the sight of her turning on those lovely shiny black heels filled him with a rock hard and throbbing anticipation.

Video No 1258  'tap it off'  with  Debra

7th July

6m 50s

With a sexy stilettic tap Debra causes her high heel to scrape along the ground for all men to hear and the sound of it causes shoe fetishists to look at her heel. With looking that gives them an uplift because it only takes a look at a high heel shoe. As his desire hardens he knows that he needs it but he will only get it when he comes in submission to her lovely high stiletto, allowing it's sexual appeal to infuse him and fill him with stiletto fetish and high heel thoughts. Only then will his lovely fetish be fully satisfied.  Say it 'Debra you're so lovely and I so love your high heel. '

set 1171  'feed your fetish'  with Melinda

3rd July

72 images

Melinda is a very sexy lady from the eastern counties. Living in a large village the tap of her high heels is often the sign that she is approaching and men who fancy her ( and there are many !) stand to attention in more ways than one.  the sensation is intense  beautiful and flowing as she releases their pent up high heel feelings at her lovely legs and thin high stiletto.  She is especially admired by younger men, toyboys and has no doubt caused many of them to have an insatiable fetish for ladies high heel shoes, a fetish which is greater than all other fetishes put together !

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