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the finest legs in stockings heely nylons and suspenders
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Video  No 1176  Miranda

                                                     31st August

                                                        7m  13s 

Miranda is  well aware of how a good high pair of stiletto shoes can affect a man who just happens to have a ladies shoe fetish. When we filmed this video with her we talked much about the arousal and the sexual stimulation which is a daily experience for   every shoe fetishist. She wants you to enjoy her, especially in your most private moments.          High Definition

Video  No 1175  Faye

                                                     27th August

                                                        7m  10s 

At this site our girls have the largest collection of sexy high heel shoes to keep your  stiletto fetish constantly on the boil. Faye wears a gorgeous high heel in the vintage style to match her tight short skirt. Walking slowly she allows our camera girl to stay close to her lovely legs bringing you into the warmth of your fetish sensation once again.            High Definition

Video  No 1174  Cheryl

                                                     20th August

                                                        7m  25s 

If you have a true fetish for ladies shoes you will of course have been aware of it for some time.   You become sexually aroused every time you see a nice lady in heels. You can't help your feelings because the fetish has been hard wired into your brain. Why not join Cheryl in this video and let her high heels give you that intense feeling all over again . . !          High Definition

set 1080   Maria

17th August

64 images

Maria is new to this site and  she fully understands men's feelings for ladies shoes because  your shoe fetish makes you look constantly at women's heels. Of course the more you do so the deeper and more personal your fetish becomes. A woman's foot ensconced in her beautiful high heel shoe is a most sexual intercourse which your fetish can't resist.

set 1079   Maria

17th August

66 images

Sexy secretary Maria wears high heels every day and she works in a large city centre office. Some of the men are always looking at her shoes and they often look embarrassed when she catches them looking. She however loves all the attention and is delighted to wear some of her high heel shoes for you all at stiletto girl.

Video  No 1173  Donna

                                                       8th August

                                                        8m  10s 

Your fetish makes you obsessed with ladies shoes. The style, the look, the height of the heels, they just cause you to get aroused especially when the lady wearing them has very nice legs like Donna. Here in this video she walks slowly as you take time to appreciate the femininity and loveliness of her shoes. Enjoy your feelings.       High Definition

Video  No 1172  Sara

                                                       6th August

                                                        8m  11s 

Sara  lovingly admires her beautiful high heel shoe and of course this is what you do when you see a pretty lady in shoes like hers isn't it ?  You need to look and the more you look the more it does for you, it's so stimulating isn't it ? and of course there's the rhythm, the clack of her lovely thin heel.  Control that fetish now,  it's hard isn't it ?         High Definition

Set 1078   Debbie

31st July

61 images

Being a member of this site is like being on a course where you study ladies high heel shoes at the impulse of your fetish. To help you and make you fully satisfied our ladies have possible the largest collection of sexy high heel shoes to be found anywhere on the net  So, enjoy Debbie's lovely thin heel, look at it as it deepens your shoe love

Video  No 1171  Deb and Imelda

                                                       29th July

                                                        6m  45s 

Deb and Imelda are two of the loveliest ladies at this site. Being so attractive they know what it is like to be sexually appreciated by men. They always therefore wear high heel shoes and short tight skirts. As Debbie intensifies your passion at the clack of her beautiful stiletto, Imelda brings fulfilment and relief with her legs encased in silky seamed stocking      High Definition

Video  No 1170  Tricia

                                                       24th July

                                                        5m  54s 

As a man with a sexual fetish for ladies shoes you are always drawn to ladies who wear high heels because you want to have a look at their shoes. You have your own personal favourite style and when the lady has them on her feet you are driven into ecstasy as you rise in feeling, driven by the urge of your shoe fetish             High Definition

Set 1077   Claire

23rd July

59 images

Claire wears High Heels in soft black leather knowing that if you have a  true fetish for ladies shoes you will be feeling sexual as you look at them.  It will help you to nurture and feed your shoe fetish if you compare these shoes with those recently worn by Iona and Jenna. The style is so sexual and lovely.

Video  No 1169  Iona

                                                       17th July

                                                        6m  38s 

Iona has recently confided to us that she is always excited every time she puts on a pair of her high heel shoes knowing that certain men are so turned on by high heels. She particularly enjoys bringing younger men into a full sexual shoe fetish. In this video she wears La Belle shoes a  favourite among sexy secretaries and  sexually admired by men    High Definition

Video  No 1168  Iona

                                                       14th July

                                                        7m  56s 

Men who have a fetish for ladies heels will of course have been aware of their feelings for many years because the shoe fetish becomes hard wired into them from an early age. It is therefore inevitable that ladies like Iona, always in heels, cause these men to experience a strong sexual reaction in their fetish for ladies shoes    High Definition

Set 1076   Jenna

13th July

60 images

As every man who has a shoe fetish is well aware, being close to a woman who always wears high heels is an erotic and most sensual experience. This is especially so when the lady is as attractive and loveable as Jenna. Her beautiful legs are most perfectly suited to the sexy slimline high heels, that she so loves.

Video  No 1167  Jenna

                                                       8th July

                                                        9m  38s 

A nationwide survey has recently shown that a woman's shoes are  the article of her clothing most noticed and appreciated by men. Yet most women choose not to wear the style of shoe most preferred by men. Jenna however wants men to feel sexy every time they see her so she always wears the most stylish and elegant high heels       High Definition

Video  No 1166  Sophia

                                                      3rd July

                                                        7m  36s 

Sophia is loved and admired by men and she constantly wears high heels. Come  with her in this video as the sight and sound of her stiletto titillates your  shoe fancy. Then as the camera draws you close you lovingly start to appreciate  the sex and style of her gorgeous heel and of course those lovely legs      High Definition

Set 1075   Imelda

30th June

74 images

As you keep looking at women's high heel shoes in your fetish you notice so much about the style, the heel and the height of the arch. You think about the elevation of the lovely lady's foot over her gorgeous heel and all this feeds your fetish doesn't it because your love of ladies shoes is a sexual obsession.

Video  No 1165  Larissa

                                                      26th June

                                                        8m  33s 

Your ladies shoe fetish gives you that sexy feeling over and over again because you are constantly looking at women's high heel shoes and every time you look the shoes become more and more erotic to you and so your feeling grows and grows. you can't help it because it's your fetish and it's so sexual . . . . .       High Definition

Video  No 1164  Larissa

                                                      23rd June

                                                        7m  30s 

The lovely blonde pauses briefly before tottering away on her high heels. The look of the lady, the sound of her heels, the so sexual swaying of her hips . . . . so suggestive and his mind overflows with salacious thoughts because of her. She's given him the urge, and it's getting stronger. . . he's losing control . . . . .       High Definition

Set 1074   Lynsey

19th June

62 images

"As the young man looked intently at her high heel he felt it rising as every sexual nerve in his body sprang to life. He knew he wouldn't be able to control his feelings for very much longer because it was massive now and his pressure continued to rise. Her high heel shoes were so beautiful and so tempting. His shoe fetish . . . . "

Video  No 1163  Lynsey

                                                      13th June

                                                        7m  07s 

Men with a fetish for ladies shoes usually find that the shoe fetish makes them look constantly at women's legs. This is because of that most beautiful union of her shapely leg and her thin high stiletto. Here, Lynsey who has legs to die for shows them off in a classic 5 inch heel for your pleasure, so come, enjoy her !       High Definition

Video  No 1162  Jenny

                                                      10th June

                                                        7m  03s 

Jenny is a beautiful lady  who always takes the utmost care over her appearance. Her clothes are always well chosen and tight fitting and as you would expect, she always wears high heels. She says that she needs a good high heel to help her walk, it's just something about the way she's made. And of course this increases her man appeal !   High Definition

Set 1073   Jenny

8th June

61 images

Every time you hear the tap of a woman's high heel as it touches hard concrete it gives you a feeling, it causes you to look because you know that an attractive sexy lady is nearby - and it is your shoe fetish that makes you feel like that as you look at her high heel - the attraction - the emotion - the sensation . . . !

Video  No 1161  Sonia

                                                       5th June

                                                        7m  55s 

As summer approaches you will be noticing all the leggy and most sexy ladies showing a leg in short tight skirts and high heels. Sonia knows that the combined effect of legs and high heels stimulates a most potent eroticism driving some men into ecstasy. Come to her now  indulge your secret fantasy.     High Definition

Video  No 1160  Lauryn

                                                       31st May

                                                        6m  11s 

For this filming Lauryn wore one of her long skirts because she knew that this would focus your attention on her beautiful shoes. Here as she waits her high heel taps a sexual and fetishistically tempting rhythm on the hard concrete. No wonder men look at her and adore her shoes with such passion and feeling.        High Definition

Set 1072   Lauryn

29th May

63 images

Lauryn shows off her lovely sexy gorgeous heel as you struggle to control your fetish.  She knows that men like you are turned on by looking at women's heels and that you need to see women in heels as often as possible. here she wears a tight short dress revealing her legs for your pleasure and of course those sexy stocking tops.

Video  No 1159  Claire

                                                       23rd May

                                                        6m  27s 

Claire's high heel shoes are well worn and as her foot goes in and out of them repeatedly you can savour the sound, punctuated  by the clack of her lovely high heel. Scenes like this are very stimulating for men  who often feel the urge to come close to the lady and her heels . tempted ?  Then  why not deal with your temptation by giving in to it     High Definition

Video  No 1158  Claire

                                                       21st May

                                                        6m  45s 

This lady wears very high heels  and this video is a study in the delectable art of how women wear high heels. Watching it will give you the urge that every man with a shoe fetish knows only too well for the beauty of the shoe combined with the sexy tapping of the high stiletto  gives rise to so much temptation.         High Definition

Set 1071   Monica

16th May

63 images

Monica wears high heels knowing fully how good they are for her posture and her feet. Of course, they also make her walk with elegance and grace especially when she also wears a tight skirt. In these pictures, her pointed patent bow shoes and thin heels will ignite your passion and your fetish as she fills you with sexy love.

Video  No 1157  Monica

                                                       12th May

                                                        6m  54s 

Men at this site are obsessed with ladies heels and are always looking at them. In fact on meeting an attractive lady, a man with a shoe fetish will always check out her shoes first. If this is your experience then it is quite normal because ladies shoes are meant to be attractive, sexual and erotic for men,  so join today and share your feelings with Monica.    High Definition

Video  No 1156  Cheryl

                                                       8th May

                                                        6m  08s 

Cheryl is a voluptuous and most attractive young lady whose high heels are admired by men and especially those who have a shoe fetish.  Here in one of  our loveliest  videos so far this year, looking at her shoes will stir up your feelings and as they become more and more sexual you will find yourself walking alongside her enjoying the look and the feeling.     High Definition

Set 1070   Cheryl

6th May

69 images

Tall, elegant  with beautiful legs and always in high heels of course, Cheryl turns men's heads wherever she goes. The sight of her wearing her most beautiful shoes causes men to drool after her in their fetish. In these pictures you can come, come close to her, showing the fulness of your love  for her legs and high heels

Video  No 1155  Naomi

                                                       1st May

                                                        8m  27s 

Having a ladies shoe fetish  causes you to look constantly at women's high heel shoes noticing and appreciating the style of every pair. Sometimes you just can't contain your desire as you see one lovely high heeled lady after another.  How does Naomi make you feel ? Perhaps you need to join us today and spend some time in her company.    High Definition

Video  No 1154  Jenna

                                                       30th April

                                                        7m  15s 

At this site you are in the company of the most gorgeously attractive ladies who always wear high heel shoes which they know will turn men on. The experience is intensely sexual because as a red blooded gentleman you not only fancy the lady but find her high heels and the way that she dresses to be erotic also.  High Definition

Set 1069   Jenna

25th April

67 images

It is of course the most natural thing for a man to turn to look at a beautiful lady. As he regards her she becomes more lovely to him causing him to think and react sexually.  Jenna is one such lady who turns men's heads wherever she goes and especially so since she enhances her loveliness by wearing the most beautiful feminine shoes.

Video  No 1153  Jenny

                                                       18th April

                                                        7m  35s 

Jenny is a beautiful lady who turns men on because she has such lovely legs, a gorgeous figure and of course she is always wearing high heels. Men always turn to look at her as she walks to and from work  and dressed like this, it is no surprise that so many fancy her. She loves to be treated like a lady and her shoes are always so exquisitely feminine.   High Definition

Video  No 1152  Miranda

                                                       15th April

                                                        6m  42s 

You know that you have a 'thing' about ladies high heels because when you see a high heeled lady it does something for you doesn't it ? And there are so many other men like you who can't resist when they see a leggy lady in heels. Here Miranda wears four and a half inch heels on an uneven cobbled surface . . . are you tempted . . . . !     High Definition

Set 1068   Debbie

11th April

61 images

If you are one of those men with a fetish for ladies shoes you are always staring at smart ladies wearing high heels. You stare at their shoes marvelling at the heels and how the lady is able to walk in such a lovely thin high heel. Your fetish causes you to become obsessed with her and you are relieved only in the fulfilment of your fetish.

Set 1067   Debbie

9th April

72 images

Debbie is very attractive and her shoes are always exquisitely lovely with a good thin high heel. Of course she knows that men look at her and she knows why. So when you look at her and feel that volcanic eruption coming on it will help you to know that other men feel the same, especially those who work in her office.

Video  No 1151  Iona

                                                       2nd April

                                                        7m  53s 

Iona wears high heels every day because of the way that they really shape her legs and make them much better for sex.   A thin or tapered heel is best she says and she always likes her foot to be fully elevated, so her shoes always have a very thin sole. Come, walk with her and let your fetish respond to the beauty and elegance of her shoe.   High Definition

Video  No 1150  Iona

                                                       1st April

                                                        6m  21s 

This is Iona on her way home from work. She knows how much you would love to be in her office so that you could look at her high heels until you could take no more. There is a man in her office she says who is obsessed with her and is always paying her compliments about her legs and looking at her shoes,  he is a very  lucky man . . . .     High Definition

Video  No 1149  Sara

                                                     27th March 

                                                        6m  21s 

The sight of an attractive lady who wears high heels always does things for you doesn't it ?   So often however you can only look because the lady has no idea how erotic she looks in her high heels. Here however our beautiful Sara allows you to follow her discreetly as she titillates your hormones and feelings with her lovely legs and high heels.  High Definition

Set 1065   Sara

25th March

57 images

Sara's pure loving beauty attracts men to her everywhere and she makes sure that her loveliness is fully enhanced by wearing a tight skirt, thin hosiery and of course, she always wears high heels. Here she wears four and a half inch heel pointed patent leather shoes to make you feel good about your manhood.

Video  No 1148  Sonia

                                                     21st March 

                                                        7m  11s 

Tak tak tak is the is the sound of Sonia's high heel and the look of her shoe is so erotic to you that your eyes are riveted on them. You can't look away since your body is responding to every tak of her heel. How often do you feel like this when you see a high heeled lady ? Admit it, it happens all the time doesn't it ?     High Definition

Video  No 1147  Sonia

                                                     19th March 

                                                        5m  23s 

Every video at this site is filmed with ladies wearing the sort of high heel shoes that men like to see because as every man knows, there are ordinary high heels which every woman can wear and then there are sexy high heels that turn men on. These are worn by only the most attractive  sexy ladies and of course you know the difference !   High Definition

Set 1064   Heidi

13th March

61 images

What is it about women with sexy legs who wear short skirts and high heel shoes ? Why do they do it since men always turn to look and some men find the whole thing so erotic that they get roused very quickly and then they . . . . . . !  Well you know the answer so why not get close to Heidi and let her give you that lovely feeling.

Set 1062   Heidi

10th March

60 images

Getting to know Heidi at this site is essentially a loving experience in the appreciation of a sexy woman's legs. Her legs, beautifully shaped and well toned give her the sexual advantage over her partner in sexy love and of course she always wears high heel shoes with a lovely thin tapered stiletto. 

Video  No 1146  Alison

                                                      6th March 

                                                        7m  30s 

Come and appreciate the styling of Alison's lovely shoes because you know what it does for you whenever you see an attractive  woman dressed up like this. Naturally Alison has many admirers and men of all ages see her and fulfill their feelings.   High Definition

Video  No 1145  Tricia

                                                      4th March 

                                                        8m  30s 

Tricia wears  high heels and high heels cause you to experience feelings of love and heightened sexuality. You can't stop looking when you see a woman like Tricia because it does things to you  and you can't help it. Somehow it feels so natural to have a throbbing hard fetish for ladies shoes so don't resist the temptation.  High Definition

Set 1061   Imelda

3rd March

70 images

Come, appreciate Imelda, get to know her as you bask in her beauty. She adores being admired by all men who worship the natural beauty of a good looking woman. Of course, in common with all pretty ladies she has very nice legs and wears high heels making your fetish once again rise to the occasion.

Set 1060   Imelda

28th February

62 images

Another opportunity to admire and appreciate a classy lady. Imelda has the most beautiful and lovely long legs which are toned and shaped by her constant wearing of high heel shoes. In this set you  come close to her high stiletto and stocking clad legs as she brings you  the ultimate pleasure of your fetish.

Video  No 1144  Naomi

                                                  24th February 

                                                       8m  30s 

Naomi has that look about her that does it for men every time  especially those who happen to have a fetish for ladies shoes. Her shoes in this video are simply gorgeous and as you look at them you may well getting aroused and this will please her, for she loves being admired by men who appreciate the way she dresses.   High Definition

Video  No 1143  Donna

                                                  19th February 

                                                       8m  30s 

Donna has been a member of this site since 2006 and is deservedly popular with our members because she wears high heels and she turns men on every time they see her. As you worship the beauty of her high heel shoe and hear the clack of her  stiletto think about all the other men who feel exactly as you do about ladies in heels    High Definition

Set 1059   Jenny

11th February  

70 images

Men everywhere are attracted to Jenny because she is so lovely, has a perfect figure and of course gorgeous legs. Naturally she finds that high heels are  good for her posture giving added shape to her sexy legs. Her high heel shoes are also cause men to be sexually aroused. This pair have a lovely tapered 5 inch heel with a sexy toe cleavage cut.

Set 1058   Jenny

11th February  

59 images

It has been said that shoe fetish is bigger than every other fetish put together and it is no wonder that men are drawn and hooked into having a fetish since the shoes on the feet of an attractive lady like Jenny are so very beautiful, so tempting and so sexual that a man simply cannot resist.

Video  No 1142  Faye

                                                   7th February 

                                                       6m  48s 

The clack of the high stiletto heel causes men to stand and take notice of the lovely lady wearing them. They look upon her figure, her legs, her graceful walk, the elegance of her high heel shoe. It's sexy, so sexy, so beautiful, so lovely so . . . . !    High Definition

Video  No 1141  Claire

                                                   4th February 

                                                       6m  21s 

At this site the lovely ladies always wear high heels for the look, the style, the sex and the effect that they have on men who have a fetish for ladies shoes. At this site also the ladies have lots of shoes making sure that as you appreciate each pair your fetish is constantly aroused, causing you to think about ladies heels constantly.      High Definition

 Set 1057   Lauryn

29th January  

63 images

If you have a sexy fetish for ladies shoes and lovely legs this means that you don't just like the look but that you are able to appreciate them sexually. Looking at Lauryn will of course make your feelings rise with desire until you are fully satisfied. Love her, love her legs and of course love her for the beautiful shoes that she wears.

Set 1056   Lauryn

29th January  

73 images

Lauryn has the most perfect legs for wearing high heel shoes and especially the pointed style of classic shoe which she wears in this set. As you look at her pictures you will notice that her high heel is tapered and curvy in the classic style. Of course you fancy her in your fetish and your feelings.

Video  No 1140  Debbie

                                                   24th January

                                                       7m  04s 

If you are one of those men who have always had feelings when you see a high heeled woman then why not check out Debbie's section at this site. You will find her to be exquisitely beautiful and always wearing the most gorgeous high heels which will confirm that you do indeed have a strong sexual fetish for ladies shoes.     High Definition

Video  No 1139  Debbie

                                                  22nd January

                                                       7m  07s 

Come, walk with Debbie  as she takes a short break for lunch. She will give you every opportunity to admire and worship her expensive high heel shoes. The sexy tap of her heel  will raise your pressure causing you to experience that lovely refreshing feeling which will renew your desire to enjoy more of her shoes.   High Definition

Set 1055   Larissa

17th January  

59 images

Larissa's legs and stylish high heel shoes are once again shown to advantage here as you look at the slender taper of her high stiletto joined in the most sexual coitus with her beautiful foot and shapely sexy legs. spend some time with Larissa as once again she satisfies your most intimate feelings.

Video  No 1138  Larissa

                                                  15th January

                                                       7m  55s 

Larissa wears high heel shoes every day and as a result her legs have been shaped most sexually giving to men that potent stimulation that causes them to notice and look at women's high heels. In this video she wants you to study the way that she walks  and look at the movement of her heel as it touches the ground.    High Definition

Video  No 1137  Miranda

                                                  10th January

                                                       6m  10s 

Do you have a fetish for ladies shoes ?   Do you love the look of a woman wearing high heels ?  Does it do things for you ?    If so then you are one among so many men  who feel it at the sight of a high heeled woman . Here Miranda lovingly wears her pointed high heel shoes offering her comfort and  pleasure for your shoe  fetish.  High Definition

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